Hardware Integrations: Industrial Test Automation

Although we specialize in solutions for the photography industry, our custom hardware and software solutions have been applied to other arenas as well. One of these projects was creating a solution to capture and record data for high pressure hydraulic hoses which are critical components in many industrial processes. Companies that make custom hose assemblies for specific industries must pressure test all of them before certifying them and providing them to a customer. Historically, this pressure testing was recorded by a data logger onto a piece of paper tape, which was then stored in a filing cabinet for future reference. We created a simple solution that that allowed data to be digitally captured, allowing our client to do away with the old, cumbersome process.

Connector Specialists provides fluid management systems — including hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies that are assembled and tested in-house — to industrial customers.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) Hardware Integration

We worked hand in hand with our client to instrument the entire process of certifying a hose assembly before it ever leaves the building. The centerpiece of this process is integrating multiple instruments with a DAQ device to capture the data about each and every step of the process. Additionally, barcodes were added to every assembly with a scheme to indicate which components make up the assembly.

Digital Data Capture

Here’s how it works.

Once a user logs into the system, every part of the test process has been digitized for efficiency. Digital data stores communicate with digital measuring devices to greatly reduce the chance of error. The system steps operators through the entire process of assembly, measurement, and testing to ensures that everything is assembled to spec and passes a pressure test prior to leaving the facility. It's a win-win-win for operator efficiency, turnaround time, and safety.

About Velocity Squared

Efficiency Optimization

In addition to the hardware integration, we had to deliver a user experience for the solution that minimized error and maximized efficiency. The industrial setting required a user interface that minimized keyboard entry both for time savings and to eliminate the possibility of user error. We designed an interface that is touch friendly, and the barcodes added to all of the assemblies helped to eliminate typos and made for quicker data capture.

Offline Capability

The system also had to work in an "offline" mode for some locations would not have consistent access to the central database server. For these instances, a data sync was implemented to store the test data locally and push it to the central server whenever internet connectivity was reestablished.

Key Features

  • Integration with National Instruments ethernet-based data acquisition (DAQ) hardware for pressure testing, manufacturing dimensional tolerances, and particulate matters.
  • Integration with a third-party ERP system to retrieve assembly test criteria and save test results.
  • Touch-based interface — user-friendly in an industrial setting.
  • Offline-capable — able to sync key data from the ERP system, work offline for extended periods of time, and then push the data back to the central office when connectivity was restored.

Peace of Mind

This digital data capture removes any need for the cumbersome, manual filing process that existed before.

Plus, it easily keeps the data accessible for years, and can easily be turned into a certification report for a customer for every assembly that is sold. The ability to easily capture, store, and present test data in a digital format has proven to be a significant competitive advantage for our client. Customers are guaranteed that they're getting top quality assemblies and that provides an enormous amount of peace of mind.


We believe that a good user experience translates directly into good software — meeting the customer's needs without fuss and with elegant simplicity.

Technologies and Skills

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • Windows Services
  • National Instruments C-Series DAQ hardware and NI Measurement Studio for .NET
  • Panasonic Toughbook ruggedized touch-based notebooks

"We had a need for a custom app in our industrial business. The team at Velocity Squared helped us design, develop, and implement that solution with great success. Over the years, they have been incredibly flexible and adapted with us as we continued to enhance and make changes. My expectations often border on absurd, and these folks pull it off. If only all business relationships were so refreshingly easy."