Our Services

What we do best is develop custom solutions that use technology to improve critical business workflows at scale, particularly for the photography industry. This means more efficient processes, which lead to more sales for your company.

Software Development

With nearly two decades of experience in custom software development projects of all sizes, we pride ourselves in building custom solutions perfectly tailored to your workflow and business needs. Our team has a winning history of building solutions that either integrate with existing systems or those that are new and entirely standalone. We value long-term relationships with our clients and have the experience to know how to get the most out of your budget.

  • Custom Software for web, desktop, mobile, and client/server
  • eCommerce, PCI compliance, and payment integrations
  • Large Scale Digital Photography Workflows
  • Cloud Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance

Mobile Development

Mobile solutions can be complicated. Do you need an app, a responsive website, integration with ApplePay and AndroidPay, or all of the above? Do you need a private application just for your company or something that’s open to the public? Don’t worry, we can help you make these decisions and match your workflow to the right mobile technology to get the most out of your budget.

  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Responsive Websites
  • ApplePay, AndroidPay, PayPal, and other payment integrations
  • Integrations of mobile apps with existing systems

Hardware/Software Integration

Integrating hardware and software systems is where the real fun begins. Whether it’s integration with cameras or building a system to record high pressure testing of products, our team has the experience to make your project a success.

  • Nikon and Canon Camera Integrations
  • RFIDs
  • Analog to Digital Conversions & Recording
  • Embedded Systems

Cloud Services & Automation

“The Cloud” has made a lot of new technology accessible at a very low cost. Our experience using the cloud’s deep learning services such as Image analysis and Facial Recognition has helped solve some very complex problems for our clients. Similarly, services like the Mechanical Turk have made outsourcing large amounts of unpredictable work easy. Let us put our cloud services experience to work for you to help solve your problem.

  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud Experience
  • Image Analysis & Facial Recognition
  • Process and Marketing Automation Flows
  • Load-based scaling of services

Other Areas of Expertise


We have been building and running large and small e-commerce websites since 1999, processing over $100 million in sales each year.

Digital Imaging

We have almost 20 years of experience in building large-scale photography systems for everything from quickly getting images back from an event, to post-processing automation including image enhancement and facial recognition, to online sales and fulfillment.

Systems Automation

Automation is a force multiplier, be it marketing automation, process automation, fulfillment automation, or something else. Let us help you do more with less by building a system that automates your workflow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can help structure your website to maximize your search engine results, driving more traffic and engagement to your website.

Software & Data Architecture

With 20 years of experience building custom software, we know how to engineer a system for success and uptime.

Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence

It’s one thing to have a great system, it’s another to know how it’s being used. Let us help you track and report usage so that you can optimize your assets.

"Velocity Squared is second to none when it comes to software development. Their commitment to excellence is evident in both their products and customer service. It is always a pleasure to work with their team!"